Use our calculator to estimate your new home build

Are you trying to set out a budget for your project? Well, we have the solution for you. We have compiled this spreadsheet for a new build taking into account all the steps and likely costs. Enter the number of items or the one-off service you are using in the Quantity column (Column 3) and as the market is always changing enter a unit price in the Rate column (Column 5). If products or services have varying VAT rates these can also be changed in the VAT% column (Column 7). If some columns are not relevant enter a 0 figure in Column 5 and Column 7. The cost calculated is only an estimate and is only a guide we would advise retaining a cost consultant to provide detailed costs however this will give you a guide to the budget needed. Also, the market is in constant fluctuation and costs need to be checked and verified with your cost consultant at any point in time.

House and Garage Cost Spreadsheet

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