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5 Ultimate Rules for Selecting the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

Seeking the best toilet for your bathroom can prove a riddle!

Are you planning to upgrade your existing toilet with a new one?

You might need to understand some ground rules, first!

The choice of the right toilet is important for not just the aesthetic of the bathroom but also for efficiency and comfort. Ease of cleaning, durability and an accessible design all are essential parts of choosing the perfect toilet.

With various toilet options, you might feel a little overwhelmed!

But don’t worry, we have discussed some simple steps that will help you make an informed decision.

Rule # 1: Measure The Available Space

The position of the toilet including whether it will be floor-standing or the one that fits on the wall is generally determined at the time of construction.

That means there is nothing much you can do about it without complex and costly changes in plumbing.

However, at the time of buying a new toilet, measure the distance from the wall behind the toilet and to the centre of the drainpipe (also holding the toilet to the floor). Experts recommend between 255 mm to 355 mm rough-in for the perfect fitting.

Rule # 2: Choose the Toilet Type