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Why advertise across a range of platforms when all your eyes will be in one place?

For Supplier or Product Partner
Housebuild provides you with direct access to your target market. As a supplier, you can advertise your products under areas being searched and also on detailed design drawings and in the marketplace. Housebuild provides you with a platform that directly influences the key decision-makers in the construction market which will, in turn, increase sales in the housebuilding sector and profitability.

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For Professionals
Are you proud of your work and your design, why not share it with everyone?

Housebuild provides professionals in construction with direct access to their target market for a minimal fee, reducing the cost of advertising through various channels that are not cost-effective, and can be time-consuming. Housebuild also provides a platform to get all the necessary design information for a construction project influencing design.

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For you as a User
Are you proud of your work and your design, why not share it with everyone?
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Housebuild is the complete resource for all things related to building a dream home. The consumer is provided with information on what, how and who to build their construction project. Be it a new build, renovation, extension, landscaping or just changing the interior – the consumer can find all they need with Housebuild. 

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