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Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant test

Did you know you can combine the One Stop Shop Grant Scheme with The Vacant Property Refurbishment Scheme?

This scheme provides an additional funding amount of up to €50,000 to renovate a vacant property. The requirements include:

  • Homes built before 1993
  • Vacant for 2 years or more
  • A building that you own or in the process of buying it
  • You must reside in the home as your principle residence once the work is complete
  • You must have tax clearance from Revenue and your tax affairs must be in order
  • Local Property Tax must be paid
  • You have not received grant funding before

From 1st May 2023, the following requirements come into force:

  • Vacant properties built before 2007 (replaces vacant homes built before 1993) 
  • People who want to rent our their property once they are refurbished (replaces the requirement for the home to be owner-occupied)

If the home is considered derelict, you can receive an additional €20,000 top up grant. To be considered derelict the home:

  • Must be on the Derelict Sites Register, or
  • Must be confirmed by the applicant to be derelict (i.e. structurally unsound and dangerous).
  • If the home is not already on the Register, an independent report prepared by a qualified professional is required along with
  • the application confirming the property is derelict.

To learn more about these two additional grants, please click here.

HouseBuild Energy Retrofit does not administer the Vacant Property Refurbishment Scheme and you must apply separately for this scheme. However, once approved the grants can be combined to reduce your overall out of pocket costs.


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Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant
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